The Bkid's Choir Presents Finding the Christmas Star

Check out the amazing job our Bkid's choir has done with their presentation of Finding the Christmas Star: A Kid's Christmas Musical, created and written by Jeff Slaughter. The cast includes Miss LaToe played by Emmrie Canterbury, Artie Fishelltree played by Grayson Canterbury, Coach Chris Masader played by Grant Phillips, Spice-T played by Autry O'Dell, Goldie LaMay played by Kennedy Graves, Tan N. Baum played by Stella Stane, Dan N. Baum played by Pippin Graves, Nan N. Baum played by Peyton Burkle, Holly Branch (Head Cheerleader) played by Georgia Phillips, Nativity Grace (Cheerleader) played by Tinsley Smallwood, Candy Cane (Cheerleader) played by Brylin Smallwood, Carolyn Bells (Cheerleader) played by Scout Hartman with Ally Catterson and Ethan Phillips adding their talented voices...this is a show you DON'T WANT TO MISS!! Kick back, press play, and enjoy the hard work and dedication of the Bkid's Choir (under the direction of Judith Adams with help from Melissa Burkle, Stephanie "Gigi" Wideman, and Stephanie Catterson)!

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